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Ice Cream Machine

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Nemox Gelato 15K Crea

Main features: Produce 3 kg (4 L.) in 8-10 minutes to 15 kg (20 L.) in an Hour. Gelato 15K Crea is a gelato-storage machine that is able to satisfy the needs of both restaurants and gelato/ice cream shops.

Nemox Gelato 12K ST

Main features: Produce  3 kg (4 L.) in 10-15 minutes to 12 kg (16 L.) in an Hour. It is a very powerful machine with frontal production extraction system. With the Gelato 12K ST, it is possible to vary the rotation speed (60 to 130 rpm) of the mixing paddle for the best results of each recipe!

Results 49 - 50 of 50
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