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Top Mini

39,000.00 ฿
Main features: 2 baskets (Maximum load per basket is 10 kgs.)


TOP MINI is a professional refrigeration equipment, which is intended for storage and sales of ice cream, semi-frozen foods and other frozen products. 

The peculiarity of the unit is the shape of the glass, curved on both sides, which gives customers access to goods from all sides.

The frame is made of shock-resistant ABS plastics with protective PMMA layer.

Wide plastics colour range allows you to choose the right equipment for the style of your outlet. 

This display freezer is energy-efficient and operates reliably at ambient temperatures up to +35°C


     - Advertising light box

     - Bimetallic thermometer

     - Electronic thermo regulator

     - Branding of any complexity

     - Cabinet body painting in individual colour

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