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Frigomat FR260

Main features:
Produce 5 -15 kg per cycle to 60 kg per Hour
  • Stainless steel freezing cylinder and beater.
  • Beater with mobile and removable scrapers, completely dismountable to ensure a very easy sanitization.
  • The beater design and speed allow to reach very high overrun levels.
  • Cylinder-block steel door with a large hopper to easily pour directly into the barrel the liquid mix and even solid parts or ingredients.
  • A wide extraction tap allows to easily eject chocolate pieces, nuts, candies, fruits and etc.
  • The tap allows to directly fill both the containers for display cases/tubs and for packing.
  • Double safety system on hopper grid and door.
  • Wide and adjustable shelf with nonslip pad, to fit different container sizes.
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