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Nemox Gelato Chef 5L Automatic

88,000.00 ฿
Main features:
Produce 1.0 kg (1.5 L) in 20-30 minutes to 2.0 kg (3 L.) in an Hour.
Gelato 5L AUTOMATIC prepare your gelato and when ready, it will store your preparation at the right temperature as long as you wish!

You can process up to 1 kg (1 qt) of mixture in 20-30 minutes, using either the fixed bowl made of 18/10 stainless steel or the handy removable bowl in stainless steel with handle for easier removal.

The refrigeration and blending systems are designed for long working cycle.

The magnetic safety device automatically stops the paddle when the lid is lifted.

With Electronic control, the software developed by Nemox allows you to control the density of your gelato. It automatically stops the mixing motor as soon as the mixing effort becomes excessive and starts the storage function.

The blade is made of stainless steel with removable scrapers to ensure hygiene and strength. The machine body is entirely made of stainless steel.

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