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Nemox Gelato Pro 1700 up

Main features:
Production per cycle Every 15-25 minutes 1 kg – 1 qt
How to improve the almost perfect Gelato Pro 1700?
With Gelato Pro 1700 Up!
• A more powerful refrigeration system allows preparation in an even shorter time and with outstanding results Gelato, Sorbets and Frozen Yogurt.
• The lid has a feature to adjust the amount of air and change the consistency of the ice cream.

Another important electronic function of the machine is that it will automatically switch to automatic storage mode if you forget to turn off the machine when in manual mode. 

The trendy colors and the overall design of the body and switches make the GELATO PRO 1700 Up an desirable piece of interior design.

A triple step varnish painting, provides a scratch resistant surface for the aluminum body.

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