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Frigomat TWIN 60

Main features:
Produce 3 - 10 kg per cycle to 60 kg per Hour


The “TWIN” series allows the operator to produce a wide range of desserts:

Ice cream, Sorbet, Slush Ice, Pastry cream, Mousse, Custard, Fruit poché, Zabaione, Syrups, Puddings and much more: all with a single machine!


  • The Bain-Marie system allows to reach temperatures up to 105°C (221°F), maintaining the characteristics of the product.
  • Innovative delivery and transfer spigot:
    - Wide diameter for a quick emptying of the heater even with extremely dense products;
    - Swivelled position for drawing the product at the end of the cycle without engaging the freezing cylinder, allowing the separate use of heater and batch freezer;
    - Quick and complete release.
  • Steel cylinder-block vat and self-locking beater with mobile scrapers on walls and bottom.
  • High-precision vat temperature control through a dip probe.

Batch freezer:

  • Highly efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion.
  • Steel beater with removable scrapers.
  • The electronic IES features a new consistency control system, that further improves the precision during the different working conditions.
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