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Hotmix Giaz

“Giaz your kitchen up!”
From stuffing to gelato, 10 portions in 60 seconds!

HotmixPRO Giaz, the latest revolution brought to you by the HotmixPRO range of professional kitchen tools, renovates completely an already existing
technique - the reduction to puree of a frozen product- thanks to many innovative and intuitive technological solutions. It can optimize the efficiency of
any kitchen, allowing to stock up any kind of frozen preparation and scrape/emulsify it later. It is an ideal for instant preparation of ice cream and sorbets,
as well as creams and emulsions, and it is a perfect managing and organizing system for all those recipes that are fit to be frozen and stocked in a
refrigerated place.

Featuring extreme ease of use, practicality, power, quickness and comfort, HotmixPRO Giaz grants unequalled performances when compared to the
competition. The automated software system for production management allows the user to completely concentrate on what matters most: the kitchen
management and her creativity. In fact, not only HotmixPRO Giaz allows to optimize the production phase, by preparing everything in advance and
minimizing waste; it also offers a complete solution for organization and control, thanks to an innovative software that memorizes what has been stocked
and prepared, and how much.

The user will no more need to keep notes on what is in each beaker in the freezer. HotmixPRO Giaz will remind us how much of each preparation
is available, its preparation date and its expiry date; finally, it will set itself to the right parameters for that specific recipe, recognizing the content

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