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Hotmix Master Breeze

Main features:
Temperature range Room temperature to -24°C Speed 0 - 8,000 rpm

Master Breeze

During the time, the advancements made in culinary technique and in technology pulled each other forward in a constant improvement both in new possibilities
and performances; cutters and mixers gradually turned into thermal mixers with built-in heating systems, and then in more and more advanced
versions of themselves, with memory systems, freezing systems, and nowadays, even vacuum systems… but no one up to now ever tried to merge the
advantages of refrigeration and vacuum together in this kind of tool.

HotmixPRO Master Breeze combines, for the first time, the potential brought by depressurization with refrigeration down to -24°C, and all the features
that allow HotmixPRO units to grant perfect standardization of the results, such as perfect temperature control, the ability to work at very high as well as
at very low speed (or at no speed at all, with still blades), and a powerful programmable memory system for recipes.
Using refrigeration and absence of oxygen at the same time while grinding, emulsifying, or whisking grants unexpected results, since low temperatures
and depressurization don’t allow for any color modification in your ingredients. It is a very useful technique for any kind of emulsion, it helps proteins
stabilization and it avoids the oxidation which would come from the fast blades rotation. Think of a smoothie bar, which would be normally forced to add of a smoothie bar, which would be normally forced to add.

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