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Frigomat GX4

Frigomat GX4 - Fresh ice cream machine

4 cylinders
production per hour : 12.5 kg
1 cylinder
production per hour : 50.0 kg
4 cylinders
production per cycle : 2.5 kg
production time : 12-15 min

The GX-series, Fresh ice cream machines are unique ice cream machines and easy to use

Ideal for serving Fresh ice cream to the customers


"Ice cream taste the best when it's served directly Fresh from the ice cream machine"


This NEW way of serving ice cream starts to get more and more popular in the world

People who experienced this, understand that there is no better way to enjoy ice cream 


Suitable for any balanced ice cream recipe

Also great for serving your Fresh ice cream in combination with other Fresh ingredients, like Fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate pieces, variegates, etc

An innovative way to present your ice cream "creations" live for your customers


Perfect for ice cream makers who want to serve their ice cream on a Top level


With the GX-series you can reduce the investment of some of the machines which you need for the process of your ice cream business,

like ice cream display, shock freezer, storage freezer and ice cream machine


The GX machine is actually a 4-in-1 concept

(4 machines ≈ 1 GX machine)



  • Independent production groups with vertical cylinders
  • 7 electronic programs for the freezing of gelato and slush; the new management of production cycles allows to significantly reduce energy and water consumption
  • “Night storage” function to maintain the product during long pauses, with considerable energy saving
  • Floor-standing unit; on wheels
  • Air or water cooling



  • Enhanced refrigeration system to reduce the freezing cycles and the refill and for a higher consistency of the ice-cream
  • Complete independency of the cylinder for the maximum flexibility of use
  • Possibility to add hard pieces nuts, chocolate, fruit, etc.
  • Steel agitators with easily removable scraper blade for an easy cleaning.
  • Transparent lids, enabling the customer to see and follow the freezing process.
  • “Anti-fog” system (patent pending) to avoid condensation under the lids.
  • Dedicated spatulas (patent) which, through a practica quick release system, set a new standard of hygiene, protecting the product against all kinds of contamination. The part of the spatula in contact with gelato is placed at a negative temperature in the area of the freezing cylinder, protected through the transparent dome lid. The handle remains outside the food area, at room temperature, in the defined position for a visual impact of the bench extremely tidy
  • Safety switch on the lids
  • Cleaning system of the cylinders, directly connected to a removable front drain. Internal preparation for a direct discharge into the water mains
  • Available with protective glass (optional)
  • Customized graphic upon request (optional)


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