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Nemox Gelato 10K Crea i-Green

Main features:
Produce 2.20 kg (2.80 L.) in 10-12 minutes to 10 kg (14 L.) in an Hour.
– 4 Specific production programs (Gelato Classico – Semi-Soft Ice Cream – Granita – Shock freezing).
– 4 Specific storage programs be able to select depending on the different needs and characteristics of the product.

GELATO 10K i-Green is the new free-standing batch freezer with a simplified storage function.


Gelato 10k i-green allow you to produce about 2 kg. of Gelato in 12-15 minutes, 10 kg. in one hour.

The simple and intuitive control panel is equipped with three buttons for the operation of the compressor, mixing paddle and activation of the automatic storage function. The operation of the machine is very flexible as it can operate automatically or manually.


Manual function:

It is activated by switching on the compressor and paddle motor. When the ice cream is ready, it can be extracted or it is possible to start the storage cycle by switching on the specific buttons. The density control system will turn off the paddle motor if the storage function is not activated and the ice cream is too hard. The compressor will continue to deliver cold and the ice cream left in the bowl will become very hard. If the density control system will not stop the motor the conservation cycle will automatically activate after a certain time.


Automatic function:

By pressing only the conservation switch the automatic production and storage cycle will be activated. The ingredients will be mixed and, when the density control system will stop the paddle, the software will activate the storage function. If the density control system does not intervene, the storage function will automatically start after a certain time after the machine is turned on. The cleaning is facilitated thanks to a drain system.

The body of the machines is in stainless steel as well as the mixing blade, that is also equipped with interchangeable copolymer scrapers.

The lid is equipped with an opening to allow the addition of ingredients during operation and a sensor that stops the rotation of the blade when it is lifted.

Four wheels, two of which with brakes, make moving around easy. Air-cooled, it only requires a connection to a single phase 10A socket.

The “green” heart of this machine makes it efficient and ecological. Thanks to the use of the ecological gas R290 with low environmental impact it is possible to produce an excellent eco-friendly Italian Artisan Gelato and save on energy consumption at the same time.


Power  :800W

Bowl Volume : 6 Liter

Production capacity per cycle : 2 KG.

Production capacity per Hour : 8-10KG.

Production time : 12-15 Minute

Dimension W*D*H (CM) : 45*59*105


Accessories included:

n.1 Gelato spatula

n.1 Removable inserts set

n.1 Gasket set

n.1 Brush for cleaning the drain opening.

Units in box: 45.5*59.5*105.5


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