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HotmixPro Breeze

Main features:
Temperature range room temperature to -24°C Speed 0 - 8,000 rpm


The standout, unique feature of HotmixPRO Breeze is its ability to chill down to -24°C (-11°F), with
perfect, degree-by-degree temperature control, while running the blades at up to 8000 rpm.
• Pasteurization: it is a quick cooling action which follows a process of thermal recovering, in order
to minimize the health risks caused by pathogenic microorganisms sensitive to heat. The continuous
mixing and the perfect temperature control always ensure perfect results.
• Chopping in a refrigerated environment: this technique offers incredible results, without discoloration
due to food heating caused by the friction. Moreover, thanks to the combination of high speeds and
cold, it allows to work meat and/or fish to prepare stuffing otherwise impossible to obtain.
• Emulsifying in a refrigerated environment: this technique ensures stability unmatched by any other
technique, thanks to the proteins’ stabilization.
• Creaming in a refrigerated environment: this allows easy preparation of granita, sorbets and ice



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